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Oct 27, 2019

Survey shows dermatology trainees, faculty interested in innovation

By: Advancing Innovation in Dermatology

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CHICAGO — Dermatology residents and faculty members are interested in receiving training in biomedical innovation, according to data from a survey presented at the ASDS Annual Meeting.

“We performed the clinical innovation survey as part of our Magic Wand Initiative ( The Magic Wand Initiative was started by Lilit Garibyan, MD, PhD, and Rox Anderson, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital. The idea behind the initiative was to develop a systems-based process to teach clinicians the process of innovation because, as physicians, we learn how to treat patients very well, but we don’t learn how to go from identifying a problem, finding a solution to bringing that solution to market” Kachiu C. Lee, MD, MPH, a dermatologist in private practice in Ardmore, Penn., told Healio Dermatology.

READ FULL ARTICLE | Healio Dermatology