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Advancing Innovation in Dermatology is pleased to make available our collection of scholar articles, industry news, and interviews with the professionals accelerating innovation in skin health and patient care. This content is yet another way beyond our in-person and virtual events to strengthen the community of innovators we aim to build and maintain.

Oct 5, 2018
By: Advancing Innovation in Dermatology

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When it comes to innovation in healthcare, dermatology has a unique advantage.

More often than not, the problems that afflict our patients and the problems that frustrate us as physicians and other healthcare providers are right in front of our eyes. We have a visual, tactile and visceral connection to the problem, which is something much more powerful than any CT image could ever do.

This front row seat and multi-sensory connection to patient suffering allows more profound insights into the clinical, psychological, pathophysiologic and socioeconomic drivers of the problem.

Why focus on this problem? Isn’t innovation about new solutions? Too often in biomedical innovation, new and exciting technologies with incredible capabilities and features are simply targeting the wrong problem leading to an eventual loss of resources and time and failure. Truly breakthrough and successful innovation often starts with a clear and compelling problem statement.

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About the authors:

Dr. Xu is an instructor in dermatology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; medical director, Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics, Simpson Querrey Institute for Bionanotechnology, Northwestern University; and, co-founder, Advancing Innovation in Dermatology Accelerator Fund

Dr. Ju is co-founder of Advancing Innovation in Dermatology, Inc. and co-founder of the Advancing Innovation in Dermatology Accelerator Fund